Banking & Finance

RKV’s Banking & Finance Litigation practice is backed by comprehensive expertise and decades of experience. RKV is committed to providing top-notch representation in complex banking and finance disputes.

Strategic Counsel for Supreme Court & High Court Litigation

With a special focus on the Supreme Court and the High Courts of India, RKV offers strategic counsel and effective defence for high-stakes financial litigation. RKV’s profound understanding of commercial issues and qualitative drafting skills enable him to to handle challenging structuring matters and complex negotiations with utmost precision.

Comprehensive Range of Services

RKV’s practice covers a wide array of banking and financial transactions, including Project Finance, securitization, trade finance, debt restructuring, and more. From representing leading banks and financial institutions to advising borrowers and business houses, he caters to the needs of diverse clientele.

Protection of Client Interests

We take pride in protecting our client's interests and safeguarding their rights throughout the legal process. Whether it's enforcing lender rights, navigating regulatory compliance, or resolving disputes through negotiated settlements, our focus remains on achieving favourable outcomes for our clients.