Beyond Appearing in Matters

Mr. Viraraghavan served as a member of the Madras High Court Ruled Committee and till recently served in the Madras High Court Arbitration Committee. He played a significant role in drafting the Madras High Court Arbitration Rules. As an accredited tutor of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London he teaches potential international arbitrators on many aspects of arbitration such conducting hearings and writing awards. He was a part of the interviewing panel for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to interview and select a panel of arbitrators for domestic and international commercial disputes seated in India.

Methodical and pragmatic

Mr Viraraghavan follows a methodical and highly pragmatic approach to international and domestic arbitration. His meticulous analysis and structured approach allow him to find practical solutions for complex disputes involving cross-border complexities or local intricacies. He navigates the arbitration process precisely, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in achieving favourable outcomes in international and national stages.

Appointment as an Arbitrator

Mr Viraraghavan accepts appointments as arbitrator only in arbitrations seated outside India. He accepts appointments in not more than two arbitrations at a time. He is currently sitting arbitral tribunal appointed by the Singapore International Arbitration Centre to decide a multi-million-dollar shareholder dispute.