Criminal Litigation

At the Chambers of Ramakrishnan Viraraghavan, criminal litigation practice is marked by meticulous case handling and comprehensive representation. RKV appears in a wide range of matters at the Supreme Court of India, including those under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Narcotics & Drug violations, economic offences under the SEBI Act and GST laws. AHe has written an entire chapter on criminal offences and on the grant of bail in GST laws rationalising the decisions of the Supreme Court and on the High Court parameters for grant of bail and for taking cognizance of offences.

Comprehensive Representation:

With profound expertise, RKV appears in criminal appeals, and SLP, before the Supreme Court of India. RKV’s strategic approach and in-depth knowledge of criminal laws particularly economic laws enables him to present compelling arguments and secure the best possible outcomes.

Navigating Diverse Criminal Matters:

RKV’s services cover a wide spectrum of criminal offences, including those related to financial crimes, tax law, narcotics, cybercrimes, juvenile justice, and corruption. RKV leverages his extensive experience and knowledge to offer comprehensive representation to in all matters safeguarding the parties' rights and interests throughout the legal process.

Committed to Justice:

Mr Viraraghavan is driven by an unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of justice. Therefore our criminal litigation practice focuses on diligently representing our clients and ensuring a fair and impartial legal process. With a deep sense of responsibility, we fight tirelessly to safeguard the rights and interests of those we serve.